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Injuries are good!!

Surprised reading this? But its true. We live in our body for years and we barely pay attention to its needs. Certain activities by our body are so automated since we do them every day and until we have an injury or two we do not realize that we have never focused on how we actually do it, for instance; Walking. Having an injury can be a painful and an uncomfortable experience but it has benefits too! Read the following pointers and find out how!

Pain tolerance: Experiencing pain through injury and its effects on one’s body gives an individual an opportunity to understand the level of pain tolerance he has. It can make one realize how challenging it could be when all his attention is forced on an unpleasant feeling.

Analysis: Having an injury gives an individual a chance to analyze one’s body. It gives an insight of strength or weakness in different muscle groups of the body (which we usually take for granted). I never worried if my gluts were helping me when I walked or ran but It was only after my knee injury I discovered that I had gluts but never used them!

Compensation: Upon evaluating an injury and due to weakness of prime muscles, we realize all the compensation patterns our body go into especially in your daily functional activities like walking: leaning on opposite leg or hip hiking while going upstairs, which we would have never given attention to!

Strength: Injuries makes us stronger, to not only to heal it but also to deal with it! Every person has a fear of unknown. The consequences of injury and pain can be scary but once you know it, you have learnt it! It develops mental strength to prepare to face it and eventually recover to become better.

Empathy: Having an injury helps one to understand the pain and challenges one has to go through to deal with it until the end. Pain and injury can have its effects on the body as well as on the mind. It develops one’s perspective and understanding to be able to empathize others having to deal with it!

Prioritizing: Recovery demands attention and a lot of time! Rehabilitating to heal from an injury is not easy, it needs constant efforts which teaches us to prioritizing health over everything else.

Patience: Injuries can take away freedom to walk, move around or even sleep! The boredom it brings along can also be very challenging. Hence, it teaches one to be patient and positive through the entire healing process.

Injuries are hard to deal with but it can totally change one’s perspective of life not only for oneself but also for others!

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