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Running Analysis

Do you experience pain while you run? Do you have aches that last hours or even days after your runs? Or are you simply curious about what your running form looks like? If so, you may benefit from a running treadmill analysis. Poor running form can lead to excessive strain/stress on joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. By enhancing your movement patterns, it can improve your running efficiency so that you can run with less pain, increased comfort, and increased speed. 


Our running specialist will clinically analyze your running form to achieve your goals. When you arrive, you will be asked about your running history and goals. You will then warm up on the treadmill, then your running gait will be recorded on video. Your therapist will then analyze your movement patterns, cadence, and other biomechanics. Finally, the assessment will be thoroughly explained and a customized treatment plan will be provided for you.

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